Educational Services at Osher Map Library

OML offers educational outreach for both university students and K-12 students in the surrounding area.

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University-Level Instruction at OML

The Osher Map Library "faculty scholar" ~ currently Prof. Matthew Edney ~ is a member of the USM faculty. He teaches full courses on maps and their history, all of which meet in OML, and supervises USM and other students who seek an intern experience working with early maps.

The faculty scholar helps other faculty integrate maps into their own pedagogy and conducts guest classes for university-level courses on-site at OML. The courses for which he has given guest classes include:

American & New England Studies ~ Hispanic America; Native Peoples of North America; Practices of Everyday Life in Early America; Museums and Public Culture

Art2-D Drawing; Introduction to Printmaking: Intaglio and Relief

Community and Planning Development ~ Elements of Plan Making; Principles of Design

EnglishEnglish Renaissance Literature and Culture; Literature of Discovery, Exploration, and Colonization; The Atlantic World in the Age of Discovery (cross-listed with History).

GeographyHuman Geography; Cartography; Urban Geography

HistoryColonial Latin America; Modern Latin America; Research, Reference, and Writing; History of Maine

SociologySociology of the Body

Tourism and HospitalityTourism Product Development; Introduction to Cultural Tourism

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